10 New Moon writing prompts to nourish your creative dreams

Saturday was an intense New Moon in Libra, the astrological sign that’s ruled by justice, balance, and fairness. If you found yourself riding some rough waves over the past two weeks, you are so not alone!

What I found myself saying over and over again is that things were coming out into the light and it felt incredibly cathartic. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t feel a little rough, emotional, vulnerable, or uncomfortable.

Collectively I think there’s a huge opportunity to plant fresh seeds of intention and to take time out of our busy schedules to commune with our dreams and desires. 

Behind the scenes I’ve been hard at work on a book manuscript that shows visionary women how they can align their creative energy with the cycles of the Moon.

A huge part of the book are the deep and heartfelt writing prompts that are included for every single day of the year.

For this New Moon, I’m excited to share ten favorite writing prompts from my upcoming book to help you reflect on the inspiration bubbling up within you that’s ready to be gestated, nurtured, and brought into being.

As the light waxes towards Full Moon, you can embrace this growth energy by spending time tapping into the sacred depths of your visionary dreams.

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New Moon Writing Prompts:

  • How can I tend and nourish my channel of divine inspiration

  • The cauldron of my inspiration is filled with

  • How I can create a creative and fertile environment within my soul

  • The cosmic gems contained in my surging creative energy

  • Where I can create more space to receive my intuitive wisdom

  • My commitment to my creative blossoming

  • What’s ready to unfurl

  • What I’m breathing my life force energy into

  • Inspired actions I can take to manifest my vision

  • How I will nourish my dreams and vision in this Moon cycle

If you’re interested in more writing prompts, please leave a comment below with your requests and suggestions for future posts!

And if you’d like to spend more time in creative community with other visionary women, you can join the upcoming session of Soul Scribe, the intuitive women’s writing circle I lead several times a year.

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