why a belief in limitless possibility is an essential asset for writers

Whenever I’ve been guided in a visualization to find a place of beauty where I feel safe and held, I see myself sitting in a vast open studio space with bare white walls and warm, polished wood floors.

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Sometimes it’s a yoga studio lofted above the busy streets below. Other times it’s a vast living room with a vaulted ceiling, nestled among palm trees and blooming beds of wild ginger plants.

The common thread running through these sanctuaries is something wild and tropical, warm and lush, that connects me to the experience of feeling expansive and settled, liberated yet deeply grounded.

As a writer, being able to tap into this source of inner spaciousness and limitless possibility is essential to nourishing your creative flow. 

Too often our lives unfold in modern confinement. From car to hallway to cubicle and back again.

The time we spend in temple, whether under a canopy of trees or a light-filled gathering space, is far too limited for our own need for connection to a broader perspective. When we pull back from the daily grind, we can remember the beauty and freedom that comes with simply being here, in this body, at this particular moment in time.

Believing in limitless possibility is an expression of hopefulness.

It’s a willingness to see beyond the confines of circumstances or patterns that continue to produce the same outcomes in our lives, over and over again.

As a writer, whether it’s a personal practice or a form of your visionary work, having tools to bring you into this stream of limitless possibility is essential for fueling your creative expression.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

When you approach everything as a miracle, you give yourself and therefore your writing, permission to run wild and free. Anchored in the belief that anything and everything is possible, you can spin worlds into being and imagine a future for yourself that elevates you into a state of euphoric joy and inspiration.

Limitless possibility gives you permission to make new connections, to play and explore your creative powers with absolute freedom.

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To breathe this energy into your writing life the steps are simple:

First, you invoke the energy of limitless possibility every time you turn to a fresh page or open up your laptop to write. You tell yourself “everything and anything is possible”

Then, you tell your inner critic and the internalized straight jacket of approval to please take a break and let you do your writing in a state of intentional freedom.

And then my love, you write and let the words flow with reckless abandon, roving over fields and into secret caves.

You step into communion with the divine and the source of all possibility, tending this sacred relationship with your higher self that thrives within this container of time and attention.

When you write from this ground of limitless possibility, you get to be moved by the stream of creative thought that wants to dance with you. There is room for the muse here, room for divine inspiration. 

More words will gather and pile up onto the page than you thought possible before. You’ll have more to work with when you do get to that next phase of editing and refining the rough jewels from these untethered writing practice sessions.

And the work will satisfy you, nourishing that deep river within you that has big, brilliant plans in store for this glorious creative life you’re living.

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