Sharing your full radiance with the world

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Is it safe to express the fullness of me?

Do I have permission to share my truth with the people around me?

Beautiful soul, you do. Expressing the fullness of your truth is exactly why you’re here, now.

And it’s okay if you’re feeling stuck, sorrowful, or tender. You have a big heart and it’s frustrating when it seems the people around you don’t always see that.

If you’ve always felt unseen, it’s because there’s a lot of truth to that. Partly because the people in your life weren’t able to take it all in.

And partly because the fear of rejection set in so early that you often hide parts of yourself you’ve decided don’t fit in.

The way forward from here is gentle compassion for yourself and to focus your energy on BEING who you are and then seeing who will magnetically find themselves drawn to your energy.


Your heart simply needs to burn bright to allow that radiance to be a beacon that draws people, love and connection to you.

This is what I believe we mean by the wisdom of “do less and achieve more.”

When you focus on the BEING and release the DOING, things move with greater speed and ease.

Connections, insights, and opportunities begin flowing towards you and you realize you’re standing in a river of limitless possibility.

From this rooted place, you get to decide what to pick up and what to let flow down the river. In harmony with your own nature of ease and allowing, things unfold with less stress, effort, and struggle.

You start being seen by those who are ready.

You meet kindred spirits you’re meant to share this life with.

As you move gently through this day, I offer you these mantras that have served me well:

I deserve joy and freedom
I am worthy of love
I give myself permission to share the beauty of my truth

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