Intuitive Writing for Visionary Women

Unearth your authentic voice and share your brilliance with a world that’s thirsting for your light

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Intuitive Brand Consulting

Together, we can excavate the essential brilliance of your vision and articulate exactly how you’ll attract your community and clients with joy and ease

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Soul Scribe Writing Circles

Guided intuitive writing circles that give you the sacred time and space to unearth your authentic voice and reclaim your connection to the visionary woman within

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About Leah Kent

Writer, author, and intuitive business consultant. Women’s circle facilitator and keeper of sacred space. I help heart-centered, visionary women fulfill their true purpose

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+ You’re not meant to bring your vision to life alone +

Women have always known the power and potency of connection and relationship. We hold space for each other and in doing so, we blossom and thrive. In whatever creative endeavors and visionary businesses you’re building, it’s time to harness the power of circle and sisterhood, to keep you aligned with your natural power, soul purpose, and true radiance.

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and embody YOUR true radiance...

If you’re a visionary woman on a path to fulfill your true purpose, it's time to activate your most potent asset, a devotional practice of embodying your intuition and inner wisdom.

With this free guidebook, you’ll know how to…
+ Use a simple Whole-Body Listening practice
+ Expand your capacity to Receive
+ Cultivate a deeper level of Confidence
+ Stop seeking permission and approval
+ Embody a rich source of Emotional Wisdom

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