intuitive WRITING, CREATIVE INSPIRATION, and soul nourishing community for visionary women

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+ You're not meant to bring your vision to life ALONE +

Women have always known the power and potency of connection and relationship. We hold space for each other and in doing so, we blossom and thrive. Within the work of transformational coaching, intuitive energy healing and facilitated circles of sisterhood, you can finally stay aligned with your natural power, soul purpose, and true radiance.

Reclaim your intuitive wisdom and your visionary purpose…

You receive sparks of inspiration all the time. But they fizzle too quickly. You lose focus and momentum, then self-doubt creeps in. Other commitments, demands, and responsibilities leave you feeling depleted, with nothing left to fuel your vision.

You have the gift of visionary thinking, but you’re ready for a new kind of healing, support, and sacred accountability that will allow you to bring these dreams to life like never before. If an electric sensation of YES! is coursing up your spine or making your hair stand on end right now then you’re in the perfect place.

you can create a life of self-expression and inner freedom when you allow the fullness of your true radiance to shine


 Sacred writing circles that give you the sacred time and space to reclaim your connection to the visionary woman within...

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Writer, transformational coach, and keeper of sacred space. I help creative, visionary women fulfill their true purpose...

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connect to the power of YOUR INTUITION...

For the visionary women who are ready to fulfill their true purpose…it's time to activate your most powerful asset, a clear connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.

In this guidebook you’ll learn and explore…
+ Whole-Body Listening practices
+ Opening to Receive
+ Cultivating Self-Trust
+ Releasing the need for approval
+ Harnessing your Emotional Wisdom

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