If you’re yearning for a deeper connection to the wisdom and guidance of your higher self, there’s a women’s writing circle ready to support you.

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Over the course of six weeks, you’ll explore a potent method for connecting with your Sacred Soul Voice: the practices of channeled writing and spiritual journaling.

This isn’t just a writing class, but rather a journey of self-expansion within the power and safety of a sacred circle of women, held with love, trust, and acceptance.

Soul Scribe is an opportunity to explore the depth and magnitude of your divine connection.

To expand your capacity for receiving and allowing cosmic, creative messages to flow through your hands and onto the page with the simplest of tools: the humble partnership of heart, mind, pen and paper.

Welcome to Soul Scribe

In our hidden dreams burns hope for a love affair with life and an enduring fulfillment of hope
— Josie RavenWing

Soul Scribe merges two powerful tools for healing, growth and creative unfolding: channeled writing and sacred women’s circles.

When taken together, these symbiotic elements give you the time, space, and tools to trust your intuitive guidance.

Too often, our inner wisdom is silenced by unfamiliarity and self-doubt. In this circle, we write to tend to our source of divine connection and listen deeply to the sacred voice within.

By writing in a circle of women, you also develop a heart space to see, hear and witness other visionary women that amplifies the truth of your own experience.

Here’s what happens when we write in circle:

+ Writing is an alchemical process that unlocks parts of our awareness, giving us access to deeper realms of truth and wisdom in both our conscious and subconscious mind.

+ Women thrive in circle, a nourishing space of deep belonging and connection where you’re seen, heard, acknowledged, and validated, that helps you hear your Sacred Soul Voice with greater clarity and trust.

+ When you practice the art of opening, listening, and receiving, both through writing and the circle, you tap into a source of universal love and wisdom offering you the guidance you’ve been seeking.

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I’m Leah Kent, a writer, intuitive branding consultant, and women’s circle facilitator.

I wasn’t always open to receiving or acknowledging my gifts and I spent years hiding from my Sacred Soul Voice while trying to squeeze myself into a life designed to fit in, appear ‘normal’, and please others.

 Only through the breakdowns, meltdowns, and suffering I experienced with postpartum anxiety was I able to release my resistance to accepting and stepping into my calling.

I studied to be a Usui Reiki Master, began a shamanic journeying practice, and slowly shared my work as an intuitive reader with a growing community of private Tarot clients.

Most recently, I formally trained as a women’s group facilitator and stepped in as the Board President for a non-profit doula organization, with the intention of serving as an advocate for the spiritual vitality and holistic well-being of women everywhere.

Woven through this change, evolution, and expansion, I was sustained and nourished by my spiritual writing practices, often in the most unexpected moments of my life.

Begging for healing beneath the luminous full moon when the veil between worlds felt thin.

Desperately seeking illumination about my path and purpose, pouring out my soul with a noisy breastpump strapped to my chest.

Writing the truth of my ancestral relationships with seething rage, gratitude, sorrow, and reverence.

Moving the pen across the page in moments of euphoric inspiration and again when I felt lost.

Through these ever-unfolding healing experiences, I’ve come to see that my heart’s work is to serve as a conduit for other women’s radiant unfolding. To be one of the many mirrors that will help you see your own brilliance, and to hold the container that allows you to connect with your sparkling, effervescent spirit.

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1 - six facilitated circle gatherings that meet virtually.

The circle gatherings give you time and space to speak your truth, share your experience, and cultivate the energy of divine creativity and sisterhood.

I’ll lead simple rituals, guided meditations and writing exercises to strengthen and practice our shared energetic intention to access our Sacred Soul Voice.

+ To gain the most from the energy of the circle, attendance live is strongly suggested. +

Live Call Schedule
Tuesday Mornings 11AM - 12PM Eastern Time
October 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19, 26

(Recordings of each session will be made available within 24 hours.)

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world
— Rainer Maria Rilke

2 - Weekly prompts, energy rituals, and meditations to cultivate your intuitive writing practice.

You’ll receive enough guidance, direction, and suggestions to fuel your writing without feeling overwhelmed. The writing prompts will be offered by email each week, giving you time to integrate your experiences between the circle gatherings.

For this element, you’ll be writing at times that work best for your schedule. In fact, one of the invitations will be to experiment with the days and times when you feel the greatest sense of spiritual connection and receptivity.

The guidance may seem deceptively simple at times, yet they’re all potent tools culled from my personal experience of an intuitive, channeled writing practice.

This truly is the circle I have loved most. I loved the intimacy of the group and how held I felt by your guidance, presence, and support. I played with all the practices and each one was profound in its own way. I can feel a deeper connection with my soul every time I write: as soon as I have my pen in hand, my soul switches on and my writing starts flowing. This really is amazing, sacred work.
— Joan, Soul Scribe participant

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Soul Scribe is rooted in my experiences and belief that it’s possible to develop and cultivate your innate ability to directly access a source of spiritual guidance that helps you feel more fully grounded and at home with yourself.

Soul Scribe is for you if…

+ You consider yourself an intuitive person, but you still doubt your insights and end up falling back into familiar patterns of pleasing others, following the rules, or playing it safe.

+ You’re inspired to be part of something bigger than yourself (like a mission, movement, or purpose-driven work) and you know a strong sense of self-trust and inner guidance will enable you to bring that to life.

+ You thrive on the energy of connecting with kindred spirits and have been craving the time and space to be part of a circle with other creative, visionary women. 

+ You’re intrigued by the idea that sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re doing the writing, but rather something else is writing through you.

+ You’re ready and willing to deepen your spiritual practice so you can expand and embody the fullness of your inner radiance.

How to Join Soul Scribe

If you know you want to be part of Soul Scribe, I welcome you to register and join the circle. Space is limited and the journey begins with our first live session on Wednesday, October 22, 2019.

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Out of my commitment to connecting our inner work to the wider circle of women, families and communities, 5% of the total proceeds from the circle will be donated to WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL. This organization invests in the social and economic empowerment of marginalized women living in countries impacted by war and conflict.

Click here to learn more about the mission and vision of Women for Women International.


1 – What if I can’t attend the Live Circles?
Recordings of the live circles will be made available after each session.

2 – What supplies do I need to participate?
The basic requirements are pen, paper, email access, and either an internet or phone connection to participate in the live circle calls.

3 – How are the circles hosted, how do I access them?
The calls will be hosted by Zoom, a video conference system. You can join by Zoom on a computer, smartphone, or use the toll-free phone numbers to call in. In all cases you can opt out of being seen on video if needed.

4 – Do you offer refunds?
I don’t offer refunds for women’s circles given the limited spaces available in each session. If you’re uncertain about the commitment, please feel free to email me anytime, hello@leahcherrykent.com