How Amanda Sloan Uses Tarot in her Virtual Assistant Business

I’m so happy to be welcoming Amanda Sloan to share the many ways she incorporates Tarot into her business as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist. It’s such a great example of how this practice of reflection and connecting with your guides with the cards can be applied to any business model or industry.

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Leah Kent
How Kate Bartolotta Uses Tarot for her Coaching Business

Kate Bartolotta is a Soul Self-Care Coach and Author who incorporates Tarot to guide her business from a place of intuition. Whether she's launching her new Ritual School membership site or working with coaching clients, Kate relies on her Mindset, Meditation, and Spiritual practices to create a soul-nourishing business.

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Intuition and Business Interview with Seryna Myers

Seryna Myers is a brand strategist who leads her business from a place of soul-alignment and intuition. She's an example of the new possibility where you can infuse your whole self, Divine Feminine spirituality and all, into your work. Creating this holistic alignment allows for a nearly seamless sense of work and life balance while delivering beautiful results for clients.

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