Nicola Humber's Wisdom for Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Nicola Humber Heal Your Inner Good Girl

The first time I talked to Nicola Humber, I was sitting in an empty office on a lunch break having a Skype conversation around intuitively pricing my coaching services.

It was a massive breakthrough to see that I had the power and wisdom I needed to feel into a price structure that honored my time, talents, and training. I still reflect on my notes from that first phone call from time to time.

Now here we are more than a year later and I can say that she’s become one of my favorite people because, well, she’s AWESOME! She’s the author of Heal Your Inner Good Girl, a book I have personally read and love because I’m a total Good Girl myself.

Whenever Nicola and I talk, whether it’s co-hosting a webinar on intuition {The Permission Slip} or hatching plans for new programs and offers for our respective tribes of amazing women, we always have a good time.

Which is why I invited her to share her wisdom around Intuition and Business with you today.

tell us about your work - who do you help and how do you do it?

I help women to heal the inner good girl, so they can be their fullest, most brilliant, unbound selves in their lives and businesses.

Most of us have been brought up to be the good girl, to please others and to behave in a way that’s ‘acceptable’ to others. These conditioned behaviours can become so engrained that we completely lose track of our true selves (what I call the Unbound Self). Many of the women I work with find it hard to actually know and name what they truly desire.

My work is all about helping my clients to identify and release the restrictive, good girl patterns that no longer serve them, so they can create a life that allows them to express their full selves (not just the parts they’ve been taught to see as acceptable).

how has consciously tapping into your intuition benefitted you and your business?

Well, my intuition guided me to start my business in the first place (although I didn’t consciously realise and acknowledge that at the time).

Nine years ago I was desperately unhappy working as a financial planner. I’d had a couple of disastrous relationships with completely unsuitable men and I just knew I had to do something different with my life. But I had no idea what.

Every lunchtime, I would sit on a park bench opposite the office where I worked and ask the question, ‘What should I do?’

The answer didn’t come straight away, but I kept asking. Then one day I was on a spa break with my sister and we randomly went to a talk about hypnotherapy. Although I’d never experienced hypnotherapy before, I immediately sensed that this was what I wanted to do. I can only describe it as a feeling of deep knowing that this was the right next step for me.

Within a few months, I’d left my role in finance and started to retrain as a hypnotherapist and coach. Since then, I’ve allowed my intuition to guide me each step along the path.

Now I have a business doing work that I love, I’ve written two books (with another one bubbling away at the moment), I’m married to a wonderful man and we’ve just moved from the UK to start the next stage of our adventure in upstate New York. I would never have dreamed that my life could feel this abundant when I sat on the park bench nine years ago!

do you have a favorite daily practice to connect with your intuition? 

My favourite practice has to be journaling. I start most days with my morning pages and just write whatever’s coming up for me. If I feel stuck with something, I’ll simply ask a question in my notebook, something like, ‘What do I need to do next?’ or ‘What do I need to know now?’ Then I just allow the words to come. (And they ALWAYS do.)

I’m a big believer that our bodies are an immense source of wisdom, so I usually tune into my body when journaling. I’ll notice any physical sensations and ask that particular part of my body what I need to know right now. My womb usually has a lot to share with me, as does my throat!

Doing this each morning means that I start the day with intention and connected to my intuition. I definitely notice the difference on days when I don’t make time to journal, as I can end up feeling untethered and less powerful.

how would you describe what it feels like to access your Intuition when you’re creating new products and offers for your business and clients?

That’s a great question! And it can be difficult to put into words. All of my work is intuitively guided, from the content I create, to the offers I share and the process I follow when I’m working with my clients, whether that’s one-to-one or in a group.

The best way I can describe it is a feeling of trust. Maybe I ask a question "what do I need to do/create right now?"or an idea pops into my head, and I choose to trust that whatever comes is the right thing.

Allowing yourself to trust what comes can be challenging, because often it’s not what you expected or hoped for!

But I’ve learned through experience, when I don’t listen to my intuition, when I try and push through and do what I feel I ‘should’ be doing, I end up feeling constricted and out of flow.

When I allow myself to listen and trust what comes, I feel free, expansive and spacious. And honestly, miracles happen when I do that. I’m continually amazed to witness the magic that happens, both for myself and my clients, when I let my intuition be the guide.

what advice would you give to someone who wants to feel more connected to their own intuition?

Well, I used to think that only certain, special people had access to intuition. I would never have said that I was intuitive.

But what I’ve now realised (or remembered) is that we are all intuitive beings; it’s just that most of us have been conditioned to shut ourselves off from our intuition from an early age. We get taught that other people know the answers, so we start to turn our attention outwards, rather than trusting our own limitless inner knowing.

So, my advice would be to let go of any old ideas that intuition is only for other people and know that you are inherently intuitive. (You can’t NOT be intuitive).

Simply choose to listen and look for the signs. Set your intention to trust the answers that come to you. Experiment with your intuition. Allow yourself to be playful. And expect magic to happen!


Nicola Humber is an Intuitive Coach and Author of Heal Your Inner Good Girl. A Guide to Living an Unbound Life. She helps women in business to access their fullest, most brilliant, UNBOUND selves (and get abundantly well paid for it). Join her free, online community here. Download a free Meeting Your Unbound Self Visualisation here.