Intuitive Tarot Readings

A Tarot reading with me is a gentle, loving way to connect with the messages you need to hear in this moment. We call on the cards to act as a messenger between you and your Soul Guides to give you the clarity, insight, or supportive counsel that will serve your highest and best good.

In addition to being a Tarot reader, I’m also an Usui Reiki healer and believer in the power of your intuition and inner wisdom. The readings I offer are a powerful tool to help you spark and nurture a deeper connection with this part of yourself.

The tarot is a sacred conduit for wisdom and clarity that resonates with your unique soul purpose

I’d be honored to serve as your Tarot reader, to share the insights and guidance the cards are offering to you. In most readings, you will also see channeled messages, journal prompts, and ideas for tangible rituals you can begin incorporating to amplify the Tarot's wisdom.

explore The possibilities for a reading to help you unlock the full brilliance of your inner light...

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I am here, I am creative, grounded, rooted, and connected to the Divine. I speak my truth, my heart is soft and open. I see beyond the limits of my physical body, I know I’m an extension of pure Love, I'm confidently expressing my Soul Purpose.

When our primary Chakras, the seven centers of our energy body, are healthy, balanced, and aligned, we typically experience an underlying current of joy, vitality, and radiance. We feel the truth of our Divine nature, we can love and be loved, we express the full range of our creative gifts and feel a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Naturally we all experience disturbances in our system which can cause the light of one or more of the Chakras to dim, become sluggish, and generally pull you out of alignment and into a state of dis-ease.

A Soul Chakra Reading calls on the Tarot cards to provide guidance about what can be done to bring your energy centers back to a state of balance, vitality, and alignment. The completed reading will provide you the answers to these key questions in a written guide you can reference as often as needed:

What needs to be released to restore my energy?
Where can I soften and trust myself?
What do I need right now to feel deeply nourished?

If you’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ in some way, this reading provides an energetic body scan to shed a light on what may have caused the disturbance and most importantly, what can be done to restore your Chakras to their naturally vibrant state.

This reading is perfect if you…

Feel inexplicably stuck in a certain area of your life or work
Have been experiencing a general lack of physical energy and vitality
Recently navigated a life change, such as a new job, relationship transition, moving houses, or another significant milestone.

The reading you receive will go through each Chakra, one by one, to address what may be causing an imbalance. To provide you with practical support, the reading will include specific steps you can take to nourish and revitalize that aspect of your energy body so you can begin healing and feeling better again.

If you’re ready for a soul-quenching and practical Tarot reading, you can book yours now by clicking the yellow button below.

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Below the surface of everyday worry, anxiety, and confusion, there’s a stillness within you that knows exactly what you need to access a feeling of peace, calm, and love at any moment.

Yet with all the demands on our emotional and spiritual energy, not to mention our daily responsibilities at work, home, and in our community, we often feel disconnected and removed from this inner wisdom.

In this Tarot reading, the intention is to draw out a path that leads you home, back to your powerful center of strength. This sanctuary of your inner light is a beautiful gift and the best way to access it is with surrender, patience, and trust.

If you're ready to stop pushing and start trusting your intuition, you’re in the perfect place.

The cards in this reading will shed light on the exact areas where you’re being held back or feeling disconnected. We focus on what needs to be released so you can break through the layers of resistance between you and your inner wisdom.

Most importantly, we look at what you can do to rekindle and nurture the energy of your Inner Light. The aspects of your life that hold the greatest blessings, the places where you can fully speak your truth, and the energy you need to focus on in order to expand, blossom, and thrive.

If this sounds like the sacred insight you need at this moment, you can click the yellow button below to book your reading.


Frequently Asked Questions

I paid for my reading, what happens next?
First, I’m so grateful to be working with you. After you’ve paid for the reading, allow up to five working days for me to prepare your reading. Your reading will be delivered to the email address you used with your payment in a written, full-color PDF document. This means there’s no need to schedule a video or call and you are able to reference your finished reading as often as you like. The PDF will also include a full color photograph of the cards in your reading.

Many clients share that they love this style of Tarot reading and enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea to read the PDF. They often read them several times through, discovering additional insights over time.

How long will it take to receive my reading?
At the moment, the expected turnaround time is five working days. I will always deliver your reading as quickly as possible and update you in the very rare instance of an unexpected delay.

I’d like a Tarot reading about a specific question, can you help me with that?
Yes, absolutely. If you have a specific question you’d like to have answered, I can customize one of the readings here or create something unique with you. Please send me a message to so we can work on this together.

Can I give one of your Tarot readings as a gift to someone else?
Yes, however it’s best if the person receiving the reading has expressed a clear desire to have their cards read. At the moment, I handle these on a case by case basis so please send an email to for further assistance.

I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?
Due to the nature of this service, refunds are not available and I appreciate your understanding. If you need further assistance, please contact me via email,