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You’ve tried it all, am I right? You have big ideas, big plans, and you want to make a meaningful impact with your life and work.

So you buy the fancy planners, make a million to-do lists, and try so hard to make yourself fit in a box and follow someone else’s plan.

But no matter how organized, intentional, or disciplined you want to be, things never unfold how you'd imagined they would.

++ the planner reminds you that you don’t have time to make plans.

++ the disciplined approach cuts you off from your natural creativity and intuition.

Nothing about these old, stagnant, and linear (ahem, masculine) approaches resonates with your expansive, luminous, and feminine nature. Instead, it's time for a transformation in our thinking. It's time to create a movement where women come together to validate, support, and nurture each other on this journey of sharing our talents, blessings, and creative gifts.

Sacred Unplanning is a Virtual workshop to help you make a fundamental shift in how you name, claim, and manifest your dreams, hopes, and desires.

Instead of a rigid plan, you’ll feel your way through a feminine approach to bringing  your sacred work to life that aligns with your natural strengths and abilities.

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The basic premise of Sacred Unplanning is rooted in my own journey of healing, transformation, and awakening the divine feminine energy I suppressed for decades.

The wisdom, exercises, and invitations in this Virtual Workshop reflect what I’ve come to understand through my personal experience:

that Clarity + Surrender leads to Fulfillment.

CLARITY  |  articulating our most essential desires from a place of deep, personal inquiry and connecting to our inner wisdom helps us channel and focus our energy in the direction of our dreams.

SURRENDER  |  giving up our attempts to force specific outcomes enables us to express our feminine powers of receiving and allowing with greater ease and pleasure.

FULFILLMENT |  in this soft, receptive and feminine way of being, everything we create and manifest is flavored with a sense of delight, joy, and light-hearted magic.

Everything about the sacred unplanning workshop is rooted in the awesome power of your own intuitive, wise, Inner Goddess.


It’s the part of you that cannot be tamed or suppressed. The wild creature who rarely walks in a straight line but oh my, does she get things done. Sacred Unplanning is about leading your life from a holistic, integrated perspective. You're going to experience the ease of working with your feminine talent for allowing and receiving...which is just a lot more luscious and nourishing than trying to lead with your masculine energy of pushing, forcing, and striving.


the Sacred Unplanning method :: FIVE ESSENTIAL STEPS

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1 :: Anchoring Your Soul Purpose
We all want to feel that we’re fulfilling our Soul Purpose, but feel paralyzed when trying to figure out HOW to do that. Let’s breathe in some much needed clarity and ease around this that will allow you to feel deeply rooted and grounded in your unique purpose.


2 :: Sacred Seeds of Intention
When you plant just a few sacred seeds, you tap into the power of your focused attention. This is what give you flight and momentum to bring your purpose, dreams, and desires into reality.


3 :: Spacious Commitments
There’s a sweet spot between under and over-committing and it’s time for you to feel into exactly what that is for you in this season of life. Because yes, it changes over time, making it a practice that requires fine tuning over and over again.


4 :: Creating Sacred Space
To set yourself up for the greatest chance of growth and transformation, you have to explore the internal and external realms. Sacred Space is how to cultivate your environment so it nourishes and supports your vision.


5 :: Breathing Rhythms
The human body thrives on rhythm at a cellular level, from our heartbeat to our breathing. Using the Lunar phases and Earth’s seasons as a mirror for this powerful energy helps us build a deeply nourishing cycle of work and rejuvenation in our life.

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hello loves, I'm Leah Kent

I loved getting straight-A’s in school and feeling the thrilling sense of approval from all that external praise and validation.

But in this season of life, as a busy mother, entrepreneur, and spiritual seeker, I've realized that I have the amazing freedom and power to create my own life. I don't need anyone to give me permission to share my gifts and create beautiful work in my own unique way.

I'm a writer, Reiki Master, intuitive Tarot reader, and I love living my life in tune with the rhythm of nature's seasons and the Moon's phases.

My priority is being a whole, healthy woman so I can be present for my beautiful family, wonderful community, and sacred soul-work.

It's simply not worth my time and energy to focus on anything that isn't completely essential to feeling aligned with my true soul's purpose.

And it's not worth YOUR time either...which is why I'm so devoted to sharing this process to help you fulfill your soul purpose, too.


If we were gathered together in person, Sacred Unplanning would be a day-long workshop or even a weekend retreat. Because we're meeting virtually instead, the retreat will be delivered in lovely, bite-size morsels over the course of three weeks. That's a lot of delicious time and space to slowly and gracefully integrate this process into your beautiful life.

Spring 2018 Session | March 8 – 22

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  • Three emails each week to allow the process to gently unfold with plenty of time for assimilating the inner work you'll be experiencing. The emails create a sense of rhythm and connection to help you stay connected with the pace of the workshop.
  • Three Live Momentum Group Calls with me to work through the method with support, deep insight, and have a time and space to ask questions.
    All calls take place on Thursdays, Eastern Time

    March 8th - 12PM
    March 15th - 11AM
    March 22nd - 11AM
    {Recordings will be available if you're unable to join live}
  • The essential steps for working through the process will be shared in a mix of printable PDF workbooks, videos, MP3 audio meditations, and a private website.
  • Upon registration, you’ll receive an invitation to join a private Facebook group where we can connect, share, and support each other on this journey. {This is a beautiful place to ask questions and I’ll pop in for live videos here, too.}
  • An undated printable Lunar calendar to help you tune in and work with the natural inhale and exhale of the Moon's phases.

  • By the end of this experience you'll have a process you can repeat, over and over again, to help you create progress and momentum in your life without sacrificing your joy, ease, and flexibility.

SACRED unplanning | $97

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined this retreat but I ended up feeling so incredibly grateful I followed my friend’s advice to sign up. This new way of looking at things has totally altered my point of view. There’s a whole new sense of possibility and I feel much more balanced and grounded when I think about making plans for the future.
~ Jennifer M.

Your workshop has helped me make so many amazing connections in my life and I feel a whole new sense of what’s possible since I started this process. Thank you so much!
~ Rachel G.

Sacred Unplanning is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I’d been sensing that something was ‘off’ but I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was. When I went through the steps in your workshop, I really noticed how different this approach was to what I’d been doing before. Everything you said about the Divine Feminine energy and working with my intuition made so much sense. I feel so inspired again.
~ Katie A.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to participate in this virtual retreat?
Access to email and the internet so you have the ability to receive the daily love notes and log in to the private website to access the workshop content.

I’m not on Facebook, can I still take the workshop?
Absolutely. The private Facebook group is a wonderful and accessible way to connect with one another but it’s totally optional. You’ll be able to work through the process and access all the PDF’s, audio files and other content on the private site.


The timing of this retreat doesn’t work for my schedule, are you running it again?
I will likely offer the workshop again, but the content and pricing are subject to change as this program evolves. If you know you’re interested but this is a busy time of year for you, you’re welcome to register and then work through the content at your own pace at a time that’s better for you.

Will I get lifetime access to this content?
Yes, in that you’ll be able to download all the resources offered during the class to save on your own computer. If this course changes in the future, you’ll be offered a generous deal on any next sessions, such as a greatly reduced price as an expression of my gratitude for joining in these early iterations of the workshop.

What if I register and change my mind or don't like the workshop? Can I get a refund?
Because this is a live-session virtual workshop, I’m unable to accommodate refunds for this service. I greatly appreciate your understanding and welcome you to send an email if you have a question about whether or not this workshop will serve you where you are on your journey. I can be reached at