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The Sacred Empress Sessions: An Intuitive Tarot Masterclass for Conscious Entrepreneurs

How would it feel to have a set of tangible tools, methods, and techniques to breakthrough self-doubt and reclaim your natural, intuitive confidence?

What would you create if you regularly made soul-aligned decisions from a place of power, freedom and confidence?

Are you ready to have these skills at your fingertips to create and expand your purpose-driven business by forging a sacred bond with your own unique Wise Woman Within?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the Sacred Empress Sessions is perfect for you.

How can Tarot help me in my business?

The Tarot is a tangible, sacred tool that helps you connect with your Intuition. The purpose of the Sacred Empress Sessions is to learn how to use the Tarot as an intuitive conduit to make soul-aligned decisions in your business. {And yes, this works for life decisions too, if you don’t yet have a business or don’t necessarily plan to start one.}

Who is the Empress?

The third card in the Tarot deck, the Empress represents the Earth Mother, the Divine Feminine creative power, abundance, fertility, and harmony with the world around her. She is ripe with possibility and bursting with life. And we can access our own Sacred Empress when we intentionally call this part of ourselves forward.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, uncertain, or perhaps just plain exhausted in your business, let me ask you a few questions…

Do you know you have something important to share and people you're meant to help, but self-doubt and overwhelm prevent you from moving forward?

Have you considered giving up on the dream of creating a heart-centered business because it feels too hard and doesn’t seem worth it?

Are you spending so much of your time and energy trying to get things ‘right’ and worrying about what everyone else is doing, sometimes you wonder if you should just get a job instead?

Take a big, deep breath and please know that I understand how you feel completely.

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I’m Leah Kent and I’ve struggled with all of these things...

Uncertainty, confusion, and frustration that I wasn’t able to bring my vision for a soul-aligned and purposeful business to life. From the outside, people thought I had it all together, which only made me feel worse.

While I've always been highly sensitive, creative, and could see a vision for a life and business rooted in my soul purpose, I also had a debilitating case of fear and people-pleasing that would stop me from making progress every single time I tried to move forward.

But with a strong desire to heal and reclaim my personal power, I explored any tool for transformation and growth I could get my hands on. This is how I found the Tarot {or the Tarot found me.}

The Tarot is a powerful, practical, and enjoyable tool to help you cut through the negativity of your inner critic so you can connect with the gentle, loving voice of your Intuition and Inner Wisdom.

I approach the Tarot as a dynamic portal that allows my Wise Woman Within to share her insightful messages with me. {If you’re wondering, mine is a lovely lady who lives among a lot of tropical plants, wears flowing linen pants and tunics, and has wildly unkempt tresses.}
And as a highly practical mother of two active boys, I love that the Tarot can be efficient, decisive, and highly portable.

The Sacred Empress Sessions is a five-week masterclass that gives you the exact tools, rituals, and processes you can use with the Tarot to forge an unshakeable bond with your Intuition and Inner Wisdom.

And when this connection is in place, you can finally begin to make decisions and take the inspired actions you need to create MOMENTUM in your work.

The Sacred Empress Sessions Masterclass is designed to be a nurturing, supportive, and intimate experience offering you a mix of personalized and community support. During our time together, you will be tending, nourishing, and calling forth your Wise Woman Within, exploring the Tarot, and channeling the creative, fertile energy of the Sacred Empress.

The Sacred Empress Sessions Masterclass Includes

  • 5 Weekly learning modules {PDF Workbooks, Audio lessons, and Guided Visualizations}
  • Weekly Sacred Empress Meditation
  • Sunday Evening Community Tarot Reading
  • Live Community Calls in Weeks 2 & 5 {you may submit question ahead of time, recordings are sent the next day if you can’t join live}
  • Personalized email support throughout the session

+++ At every step of the way, you have opportunities to get support, feedback, and personal attention as you befriend the part of yourself that always has the answers you seek +++


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Week 1 – The Wise Woman Within
Creating physical, spiritual, and emotional space to form a dynamic relationship with your own inner mentor, your wise and peaceful future self.

Week 2 – Sacred Elements
Exploring the Sacred Elemental structure of the Tarot (Earth, Fire, Water, and Air) and how you can use this for deeply insightful Tarot readings about your business.
Thursday, October 26th - LIVE CALL 11AM EST

Week 3 – Creative Abundance
Designing custom Tarot spreads to access your own vein of gold, the fertile, creative, and abundant energy of the Empress, and apply it to your specific business decisions and projects.

Week 4 - Nourishing Rituals
Cultivate a set of personal Tarot Rituals to regularly connect with the Wise Woman Within so you feel grounded, empowered, and divinely supported every day.

Week 5 – Energetic Integration
Developing Tarot meditations and techniques to help you clear and release stagnant, negative, or stuck energy when you get out of your Intuitive Alignment.
Thursday, November 16th - LIVE CALL 11AM EST

Modules, lessons, and outlines aside, I invite you to reflect again on why this Masterclass could be right for you...

  • If you’ve been feeling called to weave more of your spirituality into your business, this class is perfect for you.
  • If you’re so ready to experience a new way of making decisions so you can start feeling focused, inspired, and productive, you’re in the right place.
  • If you're struggling with unmade decisions, overwhelm, and frustration because you've lost touch with your Wise Woman Within, you're in the right place.
  • If you want to learn how you can use the Tarot to reclaim the power of your Intuition to build and expand your purpose-driven business, I would love to support you. 

If you want to learn how the Tarot can help you reclaim the power of your Intuition to start, nurture, and expand your purpose-driven business, I would love to support you.


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Is this Masterclass right for me? I don't have a business yet and I'm not sure if I'll start one.
Yes, even without a business, the Intuitive Tarot method I teach, along with the tools for connecting with your Intuition, are useful for anyone. The focus of the Masterclass is on the specific Tarot methods that support decision making and personal transformation and these can be applied to any area of your life. If you're still not sure, I'm happy to answer your questions by email:

Do I already need to know how to read Tarot?
This Masterclass is rooted in my Intuitive approach to Tarot which doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the cards. Part of this experience is forming your own personal connection to the Tarot that is sacred, creative, and dynamic.

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How much time do I need to take this Masterclass?
My goal is to create a gentle pace with room to breathe. You’ll be able to soak in the majority of the lessons and content if you allow at least a few minutes each morning for daily exercises and perhaps another 1-3 hours each week to go deeper with the core lessons.

What Tarot deck should I use?
Any Rider-Waite style Tarot deck with pictorial illustrations will work for the Intuitive reading style. I’ll also send a list of suggested Tarot decks after you’ve registered for the Masterclass.

What if I don’t like the class, can I have a refund?
Please email me if you’re unsure whether this is a fit as refunds are not available after registration. You may send a note to and I will happily answer any other questions you have about the Masterclass.