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Most Tarot courses are either too overwhelming (too many details) or they dive into one particular subject and go super deep. But if you’re just getting started with the cards, neither of these approaches will get you reading for yourself quickly.

I want you to have a chance to experience the kind of Tarot practice that's been so empowering for me. One where what others might see as 'just a deck of cards' reveals itself to be an endless source of encouragement, affirmation, inspiration, and beauty.

I created this course as a soul-nourishing journey for women who feel…

passionate about creating a life of meaning
a yearning for more alignment between their inner and outer worlds
endlessly creative yet often held back by doubt, overwhelm, or both

You might now know this about me, but embracing my gifts as an intuitive Tarot reader created a seismic shift in my self-confidence.

I had been terrified to openly share my spiritual side with the world and as you know, I kept everything pretty zipped up and happily made myself fit into the corporate world. (I even wore clothing from Talbots. Just. NO.)


I dulled my sparkle. I was dimming my light to please imagined expectations. And I definitely worried that if people knew I was a Tarot reader, they'd think I was crazy and stop taking me seriously.


Yet at home, each morning before I assembled my corporate ensemble, I pulled a Tarot card to get centered and rooted in my day. I often took a picture of my card and looked at it on my phone at my desk, wishing I could dive right into the world of mystery, truth, and divine connection I saw reflected in it’s beautiful artwork.


If you’ve gotten this far, then part of you has experienced a similar feeling of disconnection. Like there are two of you, the one who receives approval and validation for being so darn capable, smart, and likable. And below that is the real you, who is longing for so much more.


More freedom to share yourself.

More courage to follow your heart’s longings

More connection and aliveness to your true radiance.


Will Tarot give you all of these things right away? That’s not likely and it’s certainly not what I’m suggesting will happen for you in this course.


What I am suggesting, however, is that Tarot can be a catalyst and it can be a deeply rewarding practice that takes root within you and then blossoms over time.


And if a Tarot practice can in any way, shape, or form enhance those feelings of freedom, courage, connection, and radiance you deeply desire, why not see for yourself what it has to offer you?


What I want most for you from being a part of Radiant Soul Tarot is this…


-       see that by trusting yourself in a Tarot reading, you can trust yourself everywhere else in your life

-       reclaim the powerful part of your Goddess nature that speaks not in words, but image and emotion

-       feel empowered to practice Tarot your own way so that it deeply nurtures and nourishes you on an intimate, spiritual level

-       to kindle the part of you that thrives on beauty, playfulness, and open-hearted curiosity

-       and to finally free the part of YOU that’s ready and waiting to share the wisdom, guidance, and council that you’ve been searching for


Here’s my vision for the Radiant Soul Tarot class….

To see for yourself how the Tarot actually works by revealing the underlying structures hidden in the cards (without needing to look up definitions in a book)


With personal support, you’ll design your own short, simple daily Tarot practice to feel grounded and rooted at the start or end of each day


You can move slowly through the material so you don’t feel overwhelmed, behind, or overloaded with too much information


Ample time for working with practice readings, reflection prompts, and worksheets to deeply integrate what you’re learning as you go


An empowering approach to learning that emphasizes your inner wisdom…there is no right or wrong with this intuitive style of Tarot


A chance to experiment with what I personally experienced…that by trusting yourself with the Tarot, you strengthen your self-trust and confidence in every other aspect of your life.