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You are the Moon and the Moon is you.

If you’re reading these words, you’re a soul-seeker just like me. You’ve been feeling the pull and the call to go back to your roots as a moon-loving, Tarot reading, modern mystic.

Luminous Tarot Spreads is a guidebook for my soul-sisters, the conscious entrepreneurs, lightworkers, mamas and healers who know that the Moon and Tarot are fulfilling ways to connect with your own power, divine connection, and intuitive wisdom.

Doesn't it feel so hard to try to fit your beautifully round, cyclical nature into this linear man’s world we find ourselves in? This is is why I’m so passionate about helping women reclaim, uncover, and reconnect with their intuition and divine guidance systems.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Leah.

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After a lifetime of trying to force myself to fit into a linear world and seeking answers, approval, and validation from everyone except myself, I found myself in complete breakdown.

The old ways of doing things didn’t work. I suffered with anxiety and felt totally overwhelmed in my life. In my efforts to find healing, freedom, and peace, I went deeper into my spiritual practices and this is when Reiki, Tarot, shamanism, and Moon cycles found me.

I began listening to my intuition through the Tarot cards. I began to practice decision making from a place of confidence in my own wisdom instead of seeking outside approval.

Without realizing exactly what I was doing, I was reclaiming my natural, feminine gifts, one by one. Intuition, self-healing, and a connection to the divine.

On my journey, I became clear that sharing what I’ve learned to help other women reclaim the power of their intuition is my mission and soul purpose in this lifetime.

The basic premise of the Luminous Tarot Spreads guidebook is that you can work WITH the undulating energy of the Moon and use it to make everything in your life feel easier, more aligned, and deeply connected to your soul purpose.

In this digital guidebook, I’ve gathered together all the resources you need to begin aligning your sacred Tarot practice with the phases of the Moon.

Luminous Tarot Spreads includes:
++ how to read Tarot with your Intuition (not from a guidebook)
++ suggestions for choosing a soul-aligned Tarot deck
++ insightful guidance for asking clear questions
++ 3 Essential Tarot readings to use anytime
++ 3 Full Moon readings for releasing and making space
++ 4 New Moon readings for setting intentions and new beginnings
++ beautiful, printable Tarot Journal page for 3-Card Readings
++ how to begin a Tarot Journal

Whether you’ve never worked with the Tarot before or you’re a seasoned reader, this guidebook has something to offer you. More and more of us are waking up to a new way of being that honors our connection to the Moon and to realms of wisdom that go far beyond the confines of what we can see, touch, or hear.

There is an untapped wealth of knowledge that’s just waiting for you, and Luminous Tarot Spreads can help you access this side of yourself.

The soft, feminine, wise, and intuitive part of you who thrives by following the cycles of the Moon.

The inspired, divinely connected part of you who always has the answers, and is open to allowing the Tarot to help you hear these messages with clarity and confidence.

Are you ready to align your Tarot practice with the energy of the Moon? Then you've followed the whisper of your soul to this perfect place. Just click below to complete your purchase and get instant access to this digital guidebook.