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Wise Women know that the time to prepare for a New Year begins months ahead, before the clock strikes midnight on January 1st or you hit that milestone birthday. You don’t want to wake up the morning after a significant anniversary only to feel overwhelmed by the whirlwind of bold resolutions and hasty plans made from a place of feeling caught off guard.

This is not how a Sacred Year begins.


Your Sacred Year starts today…taking the time to reflect and unpack all the wisdom learned over the past months. The inner and outer revolutions you’ve experienced. The turmoil, blessings, transitions, and awakenings will be reviewed, appreciated, and gently released to make space for what’s yet to come.

You also know that having an intuitive roadmap for the months ahead will help you make the most of the coming year. Insight and guidance about the energy of the coming year would help you plan projects, collaborations, launches, and intentional periods for rejuvenation and rest.


Your Sacred Year is an expansive Tarot reading and report that offers a richly layered tapestry of spiritual insight, channeled messages, and archetypal guidance. It’s purpose is to empower you to feel deeply, divinely rooted and prepared for the coming year.


Hi, I’m Leah Kent
As a Tarot reader, Reiki healer, and Intuitive coach, I love helping women reclaim the power of their intuition so they can fully express their soul purpose. I know that if you’re energetically aligned, spiritually nourished, and feel clear and focused, you’ll be unstoppable in sharing your gifts with the world.

This is why I consider Tarot a sacred tool to serve and support other women on their journey. The combination I offer of Tarot interpretation, energy healing and intuitive channeling allows me to pass on insightful, healing, and supportive readings to illuminate your soul’s sacred path.

I did my own Sacred Year readings and loved how the gave me a feeling of confidence, courage, and momentum to embrace my future with excitement and purpose. I began offering these readings to friends and clients and the feedback was so incredible, I knew it was time to share this with a wider audience.

Your Sacred Year readings includes

++ a full-color, written PDF report with your reading and image of your cards
++ 20 minute audio recording to highlight the key themes, insights, and wisdom of the reading
++ insight about how to release the energy of the past year
++ where to focus your energy for the next 12 months
++ how to align with your Inner Goddess energy
++ aromatherapy notes to support your journey, season by season
++ healing crystal suggestions to nourish your etheric body
++ distance Reiki healing to help you clear stagnant energy and make space for blessings and abundance

Your Sacred Year goes far beyond your typical Tarot reading. Instead, think of this as an act of spiritual self-care, gifting yourself with an Intuitive Energy Roadmap that empowers you to make the most of the year ahead.

This is an investment in your journey of healing, empowerment, and transformation. It has the power to spark the flames of awareness, leading you deeper into your sacred self, and helping you see things from a fresh perspective.

Because the scope of the reading covers an entire year and is delivered as a written report, you’ll be able to refer to it over and over again throughout the year. You’ll be able to connect with the layers of insight and wisdom as often as needed, allowing you to deeply embody the suggestions, divine messages, and healing energy of the reading.

How the Reading Works
Select the Date – these in-depth energy reports require a great deal of time to prepare, so space is limited to just a few spots each week. Once you’ve selected your date, the reading will be completed within the 3 following business days.

Sacred Questionnaire – once you’ve booked the reading, you’ll receive a link to share your heart-centered intentions, desires, and goals for the year ahead. Your responses allow the most relevant, helpful, and insightful guidance to come through in your completed report.


Your Reading – when I sit down to connect with the cards, I clear the energy of the room, my chakras, and the selected decks. Based on your goals and intentions, I intuitively select four different Tarot decks, one for each section of the Wheel of the Year. I’ll also weave in a few essential oil notes and healing crystals to amplify the reading energy.


There will be one card for each month of the year, along with two Sacred Keys: what needs to be released from the previous year, and the primary themes for you to focus on in the coming year to stay powerfully connected to your Inner Goddess and fulfill your Soul Purpose.

With all this juicy wisdom laid out on the table, I channel your messages and prepare your report with great love, care, and attention to detail. You can expect to see several key themes addressed for each month:

·      Where to stay open to receiving divine blessings

·      Possible challenges that may arise

·      Relationships, meetings, or potential collaborations

·      Opportunities for abundance and success

How to stay rooted and grounded in your desires and vision