Finding the Deep River Within

reclaim your balance to find depth in everyday life

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6-Week Women’s Circle
Fall Session | 2019

Circle Details

Date and location to be announced

If you’re a woman longing to connect with your inner source of renewal, peace, and creativity, you’re invited to experience the soul-nourishing benefits of accessing your own Deep River Within. In this facilitated women’s circle, you’ll explore key practices that allow you to...

  • transform unrealistic expectations into spacious opportunities

  • tap into your deep inner realm of truth, joy, and inspiration

  • consciously navigate our hyper-connected culture

Most importantly, you’ll create time and space for yourself to blossom and thrive in a nurturing and supportive circle of women.

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Women thrive in circle

One of the key benefits of the Deep River Within circle is the opportunity to come together in a safe container with other women, united by the desire to cultivate a lifestyle that values inner work, expanding consciousness, and personal growth.

Women thrive in the environment of circle that allows you to reach deeper levels of truth, self-awareness, and vulnerability.

We blossom with the acknowledgement, validation, and encouragement that we can find in these sacred gatherings.

This four-week circle offers you the time and space away from your daily demands and distractions so you can reconnect with your own essential self. The Deep River Within framework will give you a structure and tangible practices to open up new doorways of awareness to your inner voice of truth, intuition and wisdom.

It also offers specific tools for consciously choosing your pace of life, cultivating boundaries that allow you to make time for yourself, and mindfulness practices that can bring you to a state of joy, creativity, and wonder.

Why the Deep River

We’re swimming in a culture that values hyper-connectivity, non-stop productivity, and a feeling of being on-call to respond to the needs of others, twenty-four hours a day.

If you feel like you’re being tossed and turned on the surface of a rough, choppy sea, you’re not alone. And, there are simple things we’ll explore in these sessions to help you access a true source of inner calm.

Knowing how to anchor into these sacred, inner depths is a powerful way to make conscious, meaningful choices about where to invest your energy and attention in life.

 Isn’t it time to take this power back and decide for yourself what your life will look and feel like?

Deep River Women’s Circle Registration

Space in this circle is limited to create a sense of intimacy and allow ample time for sharing and discussion. If you’re interested in being part of this session, you’re encouraged to register early to claim your spot.

+ Fall 2019 Session +
registration opens soon

If you have any questions, please email me, Leah Kent

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ABOUT the facilitator, LEAH KENT

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I found the Deep River Within work in my search to make time and space for my own desires and reignite my sense of purpose, feminine leadership, and creativity amidst the demands of mothering my two young children.

The book, Finding the Deep River Within, by Abby Seixas M.Ed, LMHC, practically leapt off a library bookshelf and into my arms. I read it and immediately resonated with all that it offered me.

A sense that I wasn’t alone in feeling overwhelmed by my roles and responsibilities. The affirmation that there wasn’t anything wrong with me for having this experience coupled with practical tools for reconnecting with the peace and nurturance of the Deep River realm I could apply immediately.

Now, as a trained facilitator of this work, my intention is to be a guide within the circle, sharing these soul-nurturing practices, and holding the sacred container that is essential for growth and transformation.

I weave this Deep River work together with my experience creating ceremony and ritual, and my identities of artist, writer, intuitive healer, and transformational coach.


Out of my commitment to connecting the inner work of accessing the Deep River Within to the wider circle of women, families and communities, 5% of the total proceeds from this workshop will be donated to SHE SHOULD RUN, an organization dedicated to supporting women to run for elected offices, normalize women’s leadership, change the culture of women in politics, and amplify the need for gender parity in office.

Click here to learn more about the mission and vision of She Should Run.

"May our inner work be a blessing, and may it help to bring about a more life-giving, just, and peaceful world for ourselves and one another, for our children, for our planet, for our future." ~ Abby Seixas


What happens next?
After you’ve completed your registration and we approach the date of the series, you’ll receive additional information including a pre-workshop questionnaire, schedule, driving directions, and specific suggestions on what to bring with you. You may also send an email at any time to the facilitator, Leah Kent

What is your refund policy?
We understand that unforeseeable events happen and you may need to cancel your registration. Requests received before the session begins may receive a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. No refunds will be offered after the session begins, however you are welcome to transfer your enrollment to another person. {please note the $25 processing fee applies to transfers as well.} In order to process any refund or transfer, you must contact Leah Kent at for assistance.