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the Sacred workbook to release the past, clarify your dreams, and INTENTIONALLY PURSUE your soul's purpose.

Are you...
++ a Conscious Entrepreneur who wants to feel focused, inspired and aligned in your creativity and business?
++ a Healer, Lightworker, or Soul-Seeker ready to uncover the next layer of your spiritual evolution?

++ a Purpose-full Woman who wants to tend to her creative passions and sacred sense of self?

If you've said yes to any of these, you're in the perfect place. You may have heard about Guiding Words or Soul Mantras and you want to incorporate this practice for the coming year. Because this practice is so powerful, it's taken on a life of it's own and is now called by many names.

Whether you've worked with a Guiding Word before or not, this Workbook will gently walk you through the Intuitive Soul-Work to help you articulate a deeply meaningful aspect of your soul purpose and life journey to focus on in the coming year.

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I like to think of choosing a Guiding Word like planting a seed…it starts small but it’s filled with promise and possibility. With careful tending and nurturing, it will grow, thrive and blossom over time.

But how do you choose the right word for the coming year?

Over my years of personal growth, I developed a deeply personal, intuitive, and gentle process for drawing this answer out from within. And this is what I'm offering to you as a gift from my heart to yours in this FREE SACRED WORKBOOK.

+ RELEASE the what no longer serves you from the past
+ articulate your true DREAMS and DESIRES
+ tap into your INTUITION and INNER WISDOM to choose your word
+ learn how to make it VISIBLE and TANGIBLE to manifest your intentions