Intuitive Moon Mandalas {a Visionary Woman Workshop}

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What’s a Moon Mandala? A Mandala is a symbol that comes from the Sanskrit word for “circle” and helps cultivate a conscious awareness of the sacred energy of the cosmos that brings wholeness, health, and harmony into our daily lives.

As a Visionary Woman, you’ve likely noticed that no matter how hard you try to fit into our current culture of linear thinking, 9-5 presentee-ism, and the obsession with efficiency and productivity, you’re always left feeling like you’re doing things wrong.

However, if trying to keep up with these inhumane and unrealistic expectations is leaving us all exhausted, perhaps we’re not the problem after all?

This is where embracing your cyclical and lunar nature as a Visionary Woman is more important than ever. Because you’re not meant to create things in a linear pattern or sustain a high level of productivity based on an arbitrary work calendar.

What I’ll offer to you in this Intuitive Moon Mandala Workshop is a taste of the healing power of nourishing your lunar nature, which in turn has the ability to heighten your intuition, increase self-love and compassion, and restore the balance of your internal divine feminine / sacred masculine energy.

Here’s what we’ll explore during the Intuitive Moon Mandala Workshop…

++ reveal the symbology of the sacred Mandala and why it’s more relevant today than ever

++ clarify the key energies you can work with and amplify at the New and Full Moon

++ a collection of reflective journaling prompts to help you access your own intuitive lunar wisdom

++ a New Moon Mandala ritual to help you amplify your goals, dreams and intentions and achieve them with greater ease and alignment

++ a Full Moon Mandala to support you in releasing and making space to allow new creative inspiration to take root

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At the end of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and resources to help you carry out your own Moon Mandala rituals.

These rituals can be brought to your personal practice, but are also well-suited for helping professionals who may want to bring them to a women’s group, moon circle, or private client work.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 21st 10:30 – 11:30 AM Eastern

This is a one-hour live workshop, hosted on Zoom, with a recording available afterwards if you cannot attend live or wish to revisit the material.

In addition to the live training, you’ll receive printable hand-outs that correspond to the Intuitive Moon Ritual Training.

Those who attend live will have an opportunity to be part of a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

Tuition: $35

** 20% of the tuition is being donated to Feeding America as part of my mission to empower women and families to have the freedom, support, and resources they need to blossom and thrive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,

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