Lorraine Pannetier on Intuition, Goddess Warriors, and Earth Angels

Lorraine Pannetier Soulful Word

I had the good fortune to be introduced to Lorraine Pannetier by our mutual friend, Nicola Humber. We instantly bonded over our shared passion for Moon Rituals, ceremonial cacao, and Rebecca Campbell’s books (Rise Sister Rise and Light is the New Black.)

The other thing Lorraine and I have in common is that we both started our entrepreneurial journeys in the realm of food. And as we nourished ourselves and tapped more deeply into our intuition, new paths presented themselves.

For Lorraine, that has meant expressing her gift through copywriting to help other soul-centered entrepreneurs to help them shine with even more brilliance.

I know you’re going to love all the juicy wisdom Lorraine is sharing here about the power of Intuition, how she opens to angel guidance, and her lightworker ‘lightbulb moment.’

tell us about your work - who do you help and how do you do it?

I help heart-centred entrepreneurs to shine brilliantly with a little copywriting magic! I feel so blessed to attract the most incredible women into my life who have a passion, a mission and a deep, divine guidance pushing them forward to achieve their goals.

I create new content for these Earth angels and warrior goddesses so that they can focus on the business activities they love the most and leave the woo-woo wordy genius to me. Every day I get to enjoy the process of uncovering a client’s unique essence and infuse that in their written copy.

People tell me I have an innate ability to tune into their deeper desires, the ones they’re perhaps not quite ready to share. But once I play with the words on paper they love the finished result so much that they step into their ‘new self’ with confidence, ease and love. It’s such a beautiful evolution.

how has consciously tapping into your intuition benefitted you and your business?

For me, tapping into my intuition is probably a mix of the conscious and sub-conscious. We all make thousands of choices every single day without really noticing the effects we’re having on our lives.

Becoming more tuned into our inner truth and feminine guidance system enables us to feel stronger, more resilient and empowered. Once we realise we’re the ones in charge of our journey we have no option but to take responsibility and leave any semblance of blame behind.

As I’ve tuned in more and more to the infinite power of SHE inside me, I feel an incredible sense of calm, knowing and power. I know I have the ability to make amazing things happen. I trust that everything I need will be sent to me at exactly the right moment, even if there are times when it feels like the worst timing and the worst experience ever!

Taking time to really get to know the real inner me through journaling and meditation (which for me is being in nature, either in the garden or for country/beach walks) has been a game changer.

I always knew I got my best ideas while walking, reading or relaxing the bath but I rarely took action. Sometimes I wrote the ideas down but generally they’d be forgotten within a few days. Once I realised that consistent journaling (with angel cards and crystals) could help me create plans that benefitted my business and my personal life, it was like I’d reached the top of the mountain and could see clearly for hundreds of miles. 

was there a turning point when you started to do things differently in life or business based on an intuitive nudge or guidance?

One of the turning points for me was summer 2016. I felt really disconnected from my business (which at that time was based around food coaching) and constantly torn between needing to make money to pay the bills and wanting to spend more time with my teenage daughters.

I didn’t feel I was getting a lot of traction on social media and was guided to spend a lot of time reading, sitting in the warm, shady sunshine of my garden surrounded by my cat, rabbit and guinea pigs. Birds, bees and butterflies fly all around me too. I spent a peaceful July and August in a bubble.

Of course, there was a knock-on financial effect a month or two later as I didn’t have many paying clients, but in hindsight I desperately needed that time and space to reconnect to me. Those few months of being totally connected to nature and being gentle with myself enabled my creativity and passion to flow back into my life

was there a mentor, book, or other catalyst that helped you forge a deeper connection to your intuition?

Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise played a major role in my life throughout 2016. Inspired by her talk in March at the Hay House Ignite event in London, and then reading Light is The New Black many times over, I had that lightbulb moment that I was indeed a ‘Lightworker’ and was here to make a difference.

I just didn’t realise at that point which new form it was going to take. After my summer in a bubble I went to another of Rebecca’s events in October, Rise Sister Rise, and being in a room with 110 other heart-centred, spiritual women shifted something deep inside me.

I realised in that moment, grounded in guided visualisation with images of enormous selenite crystals, vivid pink lotus flowers and the centre of the Earth appearing in my mind’s eye, that connection to the sisterhood was the one thing I’d always lacked in my life.

From that moment everything changed. I started a new lunchtime event called Bowls of Soul where I’d cook delicious plant-based food and bring women together to enjoy lunch so they all felt more supported, inspired and connected. I ran about ten events over the next few months and all were greatly appreciated.

From those experiences I was led to pursue the word connection in all its forms and realised, over the Easter weekend, that connecting through words was a natural gift I possessed that could really make a difference.

And so, one quiet Sunday morning The Soulful Word was born. A copywriting and content creation service that would help women to shine brilliantly, attract their tribe and feel confident putting their gifts and talents out into the world. 

what advice would you give to someone who wants to feel more connected to their own intuition?

The most important thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that in order to truly connect to your inner truth and tune into your intuitive guidance, you have to get rid of the noise and stop trying to do, do, do, all the time!

We’re coming out of a patriarchal era where all we know is hustle, hard work, sacrifice and pressure. But there is another way! A feminine way. It’s not weak, wussy or timid, it’s bold, wild and filled with love and a deep burning fire of passion and determination. 

So, take time to switch off all your devices, social media and television. Create space in your day to be completely quiet, still and calm. Take frequent walks in nature (without earplugs and music!) and observe the sights, sounds and smells all around you. Read a book.

It’s not time wasting, it’s ‘me-time’ - and filling your own self-care cup first is an essential part of a fulfilled life free from overwhelm and stress. Take a candlelit bath or enjoy a self-indulgent bedtime session (alone). Make journaling a part of your everyday life, but without pressure to write for a specific length of time or even every single day.

Journal to free your mind of its worries and fears and to focus on all the amazing things you’d love to manifest in your life. Journal to bring your ideas to life and create a future you’d never have dreamed possible. Journal to keep track of all those serendipitous moments that might previously have gone unnoticed.

Most importantly, learn to embrace and love the goddess inside of you. She is amazing. You are amazing. And when we all rise together, we change the vibration of the planet and create incredible new opportunities for ourselves and for generations to come.


Lorraine Pannetier is an intuitive copywriter and content creator who helps heart-centred entrepreneurs, Earth angels and goddess warriors to shine brilliantly through carefully crafted copy that embraces their unique essence, so they attract their tribe, increase credibility and feel confident showing up as the amazing women they were born to be. You can learn more and connect with her here: https://www.facebook.com/thesoulfulword/