Why do I keep pulling the same Tarot card over and over?

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If you’ve been working with the Tarot for weeks or years, this has probably happened to you. One particular card seems to have latched onto you. She keeps showing up in readings over and over again.

Maybe you choose one Tarot card each morning and it’s freaking you out that this is the third (or fourth or fifth) day in a row you’ve pulled that same Queen of Swords!

You’re curious, even a little unnerved, and you want to know what's really going on.

First of all, rest assured this is a common phenomenon! There are two keys that might be causing this, and I've got six ideas here to help you unravel this mystery.

STEP 1 – You need to cleanse your deck

If you believe that Tarot is working with your energy, whether it’s your subconscious, your soul guides, or some other divine entity, then naturally the deck is sensitive to picking up energetic interference.

If you find that a particular card keeps popping up over and over again, clearing the energy of your deck is always a good first step.

How do you clear the energy of the deck? Here are three simple ideas you can try right now:

++ Hold the cards between your hands and visualize a bright white light traveling through and around the deck, carrying away stagnant or negative energy. You can then picture this same light infusing the deck with clarity, love, and wisdom.

++ Light an incense or clearing herb of your choice. I’m partial to sage bundles, palo santo sticks, or sweetgrass. Once you’ve lit the incense or herb bundle, you can gently pass the deck through the smoke a few times, reinforcing this ritual by visualizing negative energy leaving the deck and filling the space with bright, white light.

++ If the timing is right and it’s nearly the Full Moon, you can set your deck of cards outside or on the ledge of a moonlit window. The cool lunar light will both cleanse and charge your Tarot deck.

Each of these techniques can be used together or separately, there’s no wrong way to clear your deck of stuck energy. You may also find that performing these clearing rituals on a more regular basis helps you feel a greater connection to your cards and readings.

So now you’ve cleared the energy of your deck, but the same card keeps showing up. Okay, let’s talk about the other possibility for why this is happening!

STEP 2 - There’s a lesson or key message in this card for you.

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The most common thing I hear in my community of Tarot readers is that sometimes, when we really, really need to learn a particular lesson in life, one card will act as the persistent messenger.

In my personal practice, this happened with Temperance for a few weeks. I just couldn’t escape this card! It even showed up in different decks, reinforcing the fact that it wasn’t about clearing the energy, there was a major cosmic message I needed to hear.

My advice in this situation? Surrender and explore so you can work through whatever wisdom and guidance is being offered to you.

++ Get curious about what this card has to say. Look up it’s meaning in one or more guidebooks and see if there’s an aspect to this card you haven’t considered before. Be open to feeling surprised about what you read or learn. You could also ask your Tarot friends what additional insight or thoughts they have on why that particular card is showing up for you right now. They might offer a perspective or insight that you haven’t yet considered.

++ Be creative and enter a dialogue with the card. You could write about the card, ask it what it wants to tell you. Keep your pen moving across the page without stopping in a free-flowing style. Even if you feel silly or stuck, just keep writing because you really never know when the message will finally click into place

++ Maybe you just need to laugh the whole thing off? Sometimes we spend so much energy trying to figure things out, it ends up distracting us from the real message. By having a sense of humor about this funny situation, you can get back to a more open frame of mind. Which will make it much more likely that you’ll begin to understand whatever message might be offered.

If you’ve done all six of these things, it’s very likely that you will have shaken the persistent card loose and that variety and harmony will return to your readings.

Do you have a story about a card that kept showing up for you? Which one was it and what did it have to say?

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