How Kate Bartolotta Uses Tarot for her Coaching Business

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I just love when I connect with someone on the wildly expansive internet and find out we live within a close driving distance of one another!

Yes, it’s true, Kate Bartolotta and I can have real live coffee dates to talk about Tarot, intuition, business, and Kundalini yoga. Which is why I know you’re going to love what she’s sharing today about how she uses Tarot behind the scenes of her successful business.

She’s just launching an amazing membership site called Ritual School that I highly recommend. {I might just be a contributor…wink, wink!}

Tell us about your work: who do you help and how do you do it?

The modalities have shifted & changed over the years, but my big work in the world is helping people find their magic when they've gotten stuck or burned out along the way. I especially love working with creative women, as we have tendency to lose some of our spark while tending to others, and rekindling that fire for self-care and self-love practices is such a delicious thing.

My background is in holistic health, English & Psychology, and I've trained in a number of meditation, yoga, healing & intuitive modalities. When I work with coaching clients, we often incorporate many of these tools together to help them design daily and monthly rituals to create lasting joy in their lives.

I love using a mix of practical habits and spiritual and energetic practices, so that the work is nurturing for mind, body, and soul...each facet of our lives affects the others so profoundly, and sometimes simple shifts can make massive changes.

I'm also in the midst of launching Ritual School, a membership site to empower people who'd like to learn & integrate some of these tools on their own.

How do you currently incorporate the Tarot to make decisions for yourself and your business?

Tarot is one of my favorite intuitive tools, and I love to read on different issues that come up when I feel pulled between two choices or indecisive. It can also be a wonderful intention-setting and creativity tool...even a simple question like, "what should I write about today?" can spark into a beautiful teaching when I pull a tarot card to help steer it.

I look at tarot as something that can give me insights into parts of a situation that my rational mind might be ignoring or blocking....sort of a peek around my blind spots or biases. And while it's not the only factor I use in making a decision, it's like getting a bit of unbiased advice from a wise friend that I can add in to the process.

How did you first start to incorporate the Tarot with your business visioning, planning, or decision-making?

I've been exploring tarot since I was in college, and using it for business seems to have become a natural outgrowth of learning more about its uses and making it a regular intuitive practice. For a long time, I felt inhibited about sharing the fact that I used these types of practices as part of my business and life, largely because there was a piece of me that worried it would be seen as unintellectual.

But as I've grown, I've deepened in my realization that so many perspectives that we take as 'fact' are just one way of looking at the world. I love how Einstein puts it: 'Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.'

And that sums it up! For me, Tarot is a way to loosen my grip on what I 'know' to imagine new possibilities.

Which card is your favorite in the Tarot deck?

Oooh....tough one. This shifts and changes from time to time depending on what I need more of in my life and where my focus is. But right now, definitely The High Priestess. As we head into Fall and old patterns are dying things are unfolding...I'm embracing the mysteries of all of it and tapping into my inner wisdom.

What are your daily Tarot practice rituals?

During my morning M&M {mindset & meditation time}, I often choose a card to inspire my intentions for the day. Sometimes I'll ask, 'what do I need more of today?' or 'what do I need to release today?' depending on which feels appropriate, and then pull a card to guide that focus. 


Kate Bartolotta is a Soul Self-Care Coach & author. She is passionate about helping people find their magic & fall in love with life. You can find her at and