How Amanda Sloan Uses Tarot in her Virtual Assistant Business

I’m so happy to be welcoming Amanda Sloan to share the many ways she incorporates Tarot into her business as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Strategist. It’s such a great example of how this practice of reflection and connecting with your guides with the cards can be applied to any business model or industry.

Amanda Sloan Thankful Cow

Tell us about your work: who do you help and how do you do it?

I am a Virtual Assistant at Thankful Cow Solutions who is moving into Social Media Strategy. I help small business owners make sense of their business and help them extend their presence online. In this, I do a bunch of proofreading, editing, writing, and brainstorming ways to make the business’ social media stand out.

I’m currently taking more specialised social media marketing courses and I’m debating getting my Masters in marketing, though not for awhile! At Thankful Cow Solutions we have a real passion to geek out with our clients about their business, we see their business as our business and with this mindset we create a deep and passionate engagement.

How do you currently incorporate the Tarot to make decisions for yourself and your business?

I incorporate the Tarot to make decisions for both myself personally and my business. At the start of the month, I do a full 10-card spread for me and my business.

For myself, I focus on what emotions and details I should be bringing into my life. For Thankful Cow, I ask for a general overview of points to focus on for the month ahead. On a weekly basis, I do a 3-card spread for my business at the beginning of the week to highlight any areas I need to specifically focus on or watch out for.

I find this helpful because it genuinely helps me pinpoint weaker areas or confirms if I’m making an aligned decision. I do a 3-card spread at the end of the working week as well to see how the week went.

There are two readings I do for myself on a daily basis. In the morning I draw one card to teach me through the day. {lately I keep getting the same card, so I guess I’m not listening to what it’s trying to tell me!!}

At the end of the day, I do a 3-card overview to reflect on how the day went and to ask the cards if I learned my lessons. It’s a lot, but I genuinely enjoy it!

Which Tarot deck is your favorite for personal business readings?

I regularly use two tarot decks. For my daily personal readings, I use The Wildwood Tarot. I’ve had this deck for a good 8 years but I had a difficult time connecting with it. This is why I use this for my daily readings, to try to connect with the deck and build a relationship with it.

I find that the art of the Wildwood Tarot gives me a more spiritual, natural perspective to my readings, which is perfect for me because I’m trying to reconnect with that side of myself.

For bigger overview readings and anything relating to my business, I use the Jonathan Dee Tarot deck. I’ve been using this one for about 15 years and have a pretty deep connection with it. Very rarely has it given incorrect guidance and if it does, usually I’ve just interpreted something wrong.

Because this is a Marseilles style deck, the Minor Arcana cards don’t have scenes with people on them, just numbers like a playing card, which makes it harder to do visual intuitive readings.

Can you tell us about an empowering reading that helped you make a decision in your business?

Honestly it was just this week that I had the most empowering reading in regards to my business, Thankful Cow.

I’ve been in business with my partner, Thom, for a bit, but we’re only really focusing our strengths and priorities now. A couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance for us to go to a workshop on bringing positivity into your life and manifesting abundance.

We ended up having a meeting with the life and business coach who ran the event and began considering using her services. This got me thinking about how important it could be to have a coach help us in our business.

We ended up declining to work with her, however in this week’s business tarot reading, the cards, in no uncertain terms, said to get an advisor into our business. Then I listened to a podcast where the business owner being interviewed stressed how positively his business has been impacted by having a coach, and recommended finding one who is at the top of your industry to learn from.

So, we have a meeting set up with a possible business consultant, who is aligned well with what our business does. We’re planning to follow the rest of the advice from the reading regarding changes we made to our packages and offerings that have been wholly positive. It feels so great to have this kind of intuitive confirmation.

About Amanda

Amanda Sloan is a 30-something from Southern Ontario with a passion for coffee, veganism, and traveling. She’s seen a lot of world so far and dreams of one day living in Peru. Amanda loves preparing declicious food from scratch or putting a vegan spin on comfort food favorites. She runs Thankful Cow Solutions where she provides Social Media Strategy and Virtual Assistant services. You can learn more about her business at

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