Intuition and Business Interview with Seryna Myers

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I’m delighted to welcome Seryna Myers, a truly effervescent and radiant woman to share her experiences with creating a business from a place of soul-alignment and intuition.

Seryna and I were introduced by mutual friends and I’ve been following along with her ever since. {And not just because I admire her pink hair and we both love Oracle cards, Full Moon ceremonies and energy healing work.}

She is a perfect example of the new possibility in business – to infuse your full self, Divine Feminine spirituality and all, into your work in a way that creates a truly holistic life. I’ll let Seryna describe the rest in her own words…

Tell us about your work and business: who do you help and how do you do it?

I'm a Sacred Brand Strategist who helps heart-centred entrepreneurs infuse more love and authenticity in their brands. My clients are people who are running successful businesses, but they’re ready to show up more wholly and connect with their dream clients in a deeper, more genuine way. My process is intuitively guided, so it's very much a co-creation with the Divine.

I use all of my gifts: clairaudience, claircognizance, oracle card reading, and energy work to really get to the heart of someone's story and their purpose, and then we roll that out into their websites, their designs, their copy and more. It’s really a blend of my former lives in corporate marketing and holistic health, with my creative spirit and intuitive nature. I get to use all of these gifts to create a really intimate client experience that takes them well beyond what colours and fonts they use should use in their marketing.

How has consciously tapping into your intuition benefited you, your clients and your business?

I believe the more of ourselves that we can bring to our work, the better we attract the right people to work with, and the more fulfilling the work becomes. Having a barrier between my professional work life and my sacred personal life made my work feel less purpose-driven, and it was HARDER. While it felt good to create, it also felt like I was doing it mostly for the money which didn’t align with my values.

Once I allowed myself to channel content, and intuitively create, everything started to flow with ease, and more business found its way to me. I started loving my work in new and deeper ways, and my work became part of my devotional practice. I can show up in a more profound way for my clients which not only enables them to have deeper transformations, but also helps differentiate me from my peers.

What is your favorite daily practice to connect with your intuition?

Earlier this year I went through about a 6-week stretch of insomnia, due in large part to angels waking me up with downloads between 4 and 5am daily. During this time, I started a practice that included a cord cutting prayer to Archangel Michael, some EFT to clear any blocks, and then a meditation in the shower. This regimen has sort of fallen my the wayside, but I still use my tools every day.

I ask Spirit for advice and either tune in to hear an answer, muscle test if it’s a yes/no question, or use Oracle cards. The biggest challenge I found was in accepting when I didn’t get an answer I wanted, and actually trusting it was in my best interest. I can tell you though, when I ignore Spirit’s advice and move forward, it fails – 100% of the time.

Some of the tools I use (beyond the ones mentioned above) are journalling or automatic writing, feeling into the energy (my hand literally heats up), and lately accessing my Akashic Records to understand a situation on a deeper soul level. Honestly, what it mostly comes down to is the courage to ask, and the willingness to listen. Spirit will meet you where you are and use language you can understand to get the answer across.

How would you describe what it feels like to access your Intuition when you’re creating new products and offers for your business and clients?

For lack of a better description, it feels like flow. I can tell when things are right when everything is simple, and easy. Inspiration and creation just occur naturally. The right resources fall into place. It’s just... easy. I always know I’ve veered off course when I get stuck, continue to run into obstacles, when it’s hard, or when I get lost in confusion. When something I’m creating is guided by Spirit, there is no doubt, no resistance, total clarity, and ease.

My job becomes less about how do I integrate my intuition into this process? and more about how do I get out of the way so Spirit can work THROUGH me? It’s truly co-creative, and there are times I’m blown away by something I’ve made, only to remember that while it may have been my hand that pushed the buttons to bring that to life, I’m really just a tool for the Divine to express its creation.

If you fall out of connection or dialogue with the voice of your intuition, how do you find your way back?

I believe that with our intuition, there’s no falling out of connection, it’s right there waiting. That idea of separation is an entirely human thing, so the onus is on US to reconnect. And it’s really as simple as deciding to again.

For all of the me-driven tools I have, I just need to start using them again, however when there’s a physical tool like a pendulum, or an oracle deck, I work to re-establish the connection before putting it back to work. I’ll sleep with them under my pillow, hold them, shuffle them with no question in mind, as an act of rebuilding rapport.

I was a very energetically-inclined child, even before I knew what energy was. I channeled heat in my hands in the cold east-coast winters, I lead meditations in the school yard, I talked to plants and trees. There was an incident that scared me when I was 11, and I shut down all of my gifts. I dabbled a bit in my late teens and early 20s, but it wasn’t until I was almost 30 that I actively chose to reconnect and tap back into what was essentially my nature, my birthright.

And you know what? It was right there waiting for me. Ready for me. And now I can honestly say my connection with my inner knowing, and with the Divine is stronger than ever before which allows me to have a richer experience for myself, to better serve my clients, and show up as a leader in my community.


Seryna Myers is a brand strategist and speaker, who helps passionate entrepreneurs create big, beautiful brands their customers fall in love with. She believes that authenticity is the key to heart-centred business, and that marketing can be done with integrity. Seryna makes her home in beautiful Vancouver, BC, and hosts a Facebook group called The Tribepreneur Collective where she hosts a monthly virtual moon circles. Visit to learn more.