Top 10 Reasons You Need A Tarot Reading

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Based on years of experience and extensive research, I've unraveled and highlighted the common threads of what motivates someone to turn to the Tarot for guidance. Read on to find out if any of these describe YOU right now...

10 – You’re feeling anxious about the future

Sometimes there’s so many possibilities or so much uncertainty, it’s hard to stay connected to your center of trust, calm, and zen. The Tarot can offer clues and guidance to help you make bold choices with confidence.

9 – History keeps repeating itself

You’re trying to do things differently and live a life of purpose, but the same patterns keep showing up over and over again. What needs to shift so you can break the mold and create a purpose-filled life?

8 – Transition seems to be your New Normal

There’s big energy in our world right now creating energetic upheaval and you’re so feeling this right now. How can you stay rooted to your center to thrive in these uncertain times?

7 – You’ve hit a plateau in your life or career

While you’ve got a long list of accomplishments under your belt, things just feel sort of ‘blah’ and stale right now and you’re not feeling inspired to grow like you used to.

6 – The BIG QUESTION: What’s My Soul Purpose?

Basically you want to know what the heck you’re really supposed to do with your one wild, amazing life! It’s definitely time to get a clear vision of your soul blueprint to help you manifest your next adventures, opportunities, and successes.

5 – There's this one relationship that dominates everything else

You know the one that’s taking up so much mental energy and energetic space? It could be a sibling, parent, partner, co-worker or friend. Whoever it may be, something’s out of alignment and it’s time to see things with a fresh perspective and create some loving boundaries.

4 – You’re ready to call in your soul mate!

The secret to attracting an awesome partner to share life with is to get a major dose of clarity about what you really, really want. Let the Tarot help you take your blinders off, get into energetic alignment with your heart’s TRUE desires, and then gracefully let ‘the one’ find you.

3 – Too much of a good thing

The modern woman’s dilemma is overwhelm! So many choices, options, and possibilities have actually been making you feel stressed and confused. Time to call on the cards to help you choose your focus and lovingly release the rest so you can finally THRIVE.

2 – You know there’s something missing

It’s a squirrely, niggling feeling that something’s off. Not quite right. You can’t quite pin it down, but maybe if someone else took a look at the situation, they’d see what you can’t (because you’re just too close to be objective, which is super normal, by the way.)

1 – You're seriously, really, truly ready for ABUNDANCE

This one isn't just about your money, honey. It’s the big picture view on what you need to do to feel abundant and uncross the lines that are holding you back from receiving and allowing the money to seriously flow.

If you were like “Oh my gawd, that’s ME!” to one or more of these? Then you’re in the perfect place!


The best Tarot readings I’ve ever had shifted my perspective, helped me see things through a fresh lens, and stuck with me for months on end. A seed was planted and over time, with this new awareness, I was able to nourish the things I wanted most in life. Like manifesting a house, getting pregnant, or pivoting my business and attracting ideal clients.

I know firsthand how deeply empowering an intuitive Tarot reading can be because I’ve experienced their magic in my own life and business. This is why I’m so passionate and dedicated to sharing this gift with others as a reader.

There are tons of reasons to stay stuck, give up, or throw in the towel. But I know that’s not what you really want to do.

You want to shine your light. You want to experience freedom and purpose! You want to feel the feeling of singing your soul’s true song.

And sometimes you need an interpreter to help you tune into the messages that will help you do exactly that. If you want to learn more about my unique intuitive Tarot readings, you can check them out here. I'm ready and waiting to hear from you!