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I'm Leah Kent, a writer, transformational coach, and intuitive energy healer.

My job is to help radiant, creative women just like you to consciously create lives of integration and alignment so you can stop hiding your true self in the attempt to please others and fit into a mold you didn't make.

What you need is sacred space where you can feel seen, heard, acknowledged and validated. Your vision of a self-expressed, empowered, and creatively juicy life is not too big.

When we work together, it's because you're ready to reclaim the unearthed gems of your divine feminine power. You're ready to stop delaying your creative ideas, business plans, or life-changing decisions.

Are you ready to live an intuitively guided life and share your true radiance with a world that's thirsting for your light?

Start here by sending me a note to declare your intention to live a RADIANT LIFE. I reply to every single message I receive {}. You can also dive right in by booking an intuitive Tarot reading to help you gain a fresh, brilliant perspective on your life in this moment.

Now is the time to befriend your Wise Woman Within, to plumb the depths of your heart's desires and give yourself permission to want what you truly want.